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Asmara Abigail and Adin Ibrahim’s “La Luce di Asmara”: A Joyful, Liberated Ode to Light

Two luminaries, Asmara Abigail and Adin Ibrahim, have teamed forces to produce a groundbreaking line of lighting fixtures. These one-of-a-kind lighting installations are collectively known as “La Luce di Asmara,” which translates to “The Light of Asmara” from Italian. They were inspired by the groundbreaking postmodern architecture of Italy in the 1970s.

La Luce di Asmara, The Perfect Blend of Modern Thought and Italian Style

The Italian aesthetic is evident in every facet of “La Luce di Asmara.” Actress Asmara Abigail and renowned interior designer and architect Adin Ibrahim joined forces to create a one-of-a-kind project that wonderfully combines aesthetics with sentiment. Beyond a simple appreciation for Italy’s design history, several steps were taken to get at this collection. Infused with a modern sensibility, it captures the spirit of Italian postmodernism in all its whimsical, ageless, experimental, and rebellious glory.

Asmara Abigail and Adin Ibrahim's "La Luce di Asmara": A Joyful, Liberated Ode to Light

Bringing Asmara’s “Purple Passion” into English

The vivid purple tones used are a defining feature of the piece. Asmara Abigail’s creativity and individuality shine through in her colour palette decision. Asmara’s personality a perfect match for the purple that is often connect with passion, creativity, and originality. Asmara’s alluring vitality and unyielding dedication to self-expression. There rendered real via these lamps, radiating a beautiful and feminine radiance that defies categorization.

An Impish and Enduring Style

Luminous artworks that are just as intriguing now as they will be for decades to come, “La Luce di Asmara” strikes a perfect mix between whimsy and timeless design. This ambivalent personality is a tribute to the history of Italian postmodernism, a creative and aesthetic movement that changed the world. The designs are a nod to Italy’s adventurous and rebellious design tradition, while also appealing to modern tastes.

Skillful Labour and Long-Term Viability

In addition to its visual appeal, “La Luce di Asmara” is notable for its attention to detail and concern for the environment. Each lamp made one at a time by skilled artisans who pay close attention to detail. This attention to detail not only makes each item more unique, but it also makes them more sturdy and long-lasting.

The collection also takes part in eco-friendly practises by recycling sawdust. Asmara and Adin’s dedication to sustainability is on full display in the way they’ve repurposed this material. The end effect is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also speaks to good environmental practises.

Synergy of the Arts

Asmara Abigail and Adin Ibrahim’s creative synergy, which started when the two met in 2017, resulted in the creation. They’ve found that working together is a breeze since they operate on the same creative frequency. They pooled their talents, interests, and respect for aesthetics to create this collection.

La Luce di Asmara Currently At Hand

On September 7, 2023, “La Luce di Asmara” released, and now you may buy one of the first batches of these wonderful lights. The set has three unique options:

  • The smallest Asmara, called La Piccola, costs Rp3,900,000.
  • The La Media Asmara is a midsize car that can be purchase for Rp5,900,000.
  • The top-of-the-line La Grande Asmara retails for Rp7,900,000.

These bright pieces of art are more than simply lights; they are manifestations of individuality, humour, and classic style. The warm and luminous brilliance of light in “La Luce di Asmara” is an invitation to embrace the intriguing synthesis of Italian postmodern aesthetics and current creative expression.