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Taitung Art and Craft at FIND – Design Fair Asia 2023: Unveiling “Ripples of the Pacific”

The much-anticipated FIND – Design Fair Asia is set to grace Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, from September 21st to 23rd. In a historic move, the Taitung County Government curated a team of skilled craftsmen to make their debut at this prestigious event.

They are gearing up for a special exhibition that will illuminate the diverse world of Taitung’s art and craft, aptly titled “Ripples of the Pacific – Arts from Taitung to Austronesia,” to be showcased at Booth A25 in Hall C. The exhibition promises to captivate attendees with five extraordinary masterpieces, four collaborative artworks, and six creations by international resident artists.

The grand unveiling of this artistic extravaganza is scheduled for September 21st at 2 pm, with a mesmerizing performance by Sufin, a renowned singer from the Amis tribe, Taiwan’s largest indigenous group. 

Sufin’s rendition of ancient Amis chants is poised to enchant the audience, making this exhibition an absolute must-see. It is a golden opportunity to immerse oneself in a vibrant tapestry of art forms and crafts unique to Taitung, complementing by captivating live performances.

FIND - Design Fair Asia 2023

Taitung: A Beacon of Irresistible Beauty

Taitung County, under the able leadership of Magistrate April Yao, is a destination that beckons with its unparalleled beauty. The region garnered accolades, including the Travelers Review Award for Most Hospitable Destination and City by Taitung County boasts a pristine environment, abundant natural resources, and a rich indigenous culture that enhances its allure.

Situated in southeastern Taiwan, Taitung is a melting pot of Austronesian tribal cultures, each contributing its languages, art, mythology, traditional wisdom, cuisine, and distinctive attire. Collaborative design endeavors propelled this rich heritage into a new era of innovation. 

Taitung’s cultural legacy stands as a testament to the region’s history and the ingenuity of its people. This year, FIND Design Fair Asia, often referred to as the Asian counterpart of “Salone del Mobile Milano,” will serve as a platform for meaningful dialogues between Taitung and the global community.

A Triptych of Artistic Exploration

The exhibition unfolds in three captivating segments. The first segment features five local brand ambassadors: Taitung Dawn Artist Village, Mima’an, Adisi Pottery, Sayfike, and Highway 11 Open Studio. 

These brands are celebrated for their artistic craftsmanship deeply rooted in Taitung’s cultural heritage. Visitors will the privilege of witnessing artisans craft jewelry, weave intricate patterns, knit, and shape pottery using diverse materials right before their eyes.

The second segment spotlights an array of collaborative artworks, including glaze fountain pens and Alpinia zerumbet baskets crafted through the partnership of ili Workshop x HEY SHENG and JIAO x YSTUDIO. 

Notably, Orange Moon Studio and Abus Bunun Traditional Weaving Workshop will collaboratively redesign and craft utensils and cutlery, presenting a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

The third and final section of the exhibition features an enthralling collaboration between international artists inspired by Austronesian culture. Lin Jung-Yi, Hsueh Chia-Chi, and Chou Sheng-Hsien from Taiwan, along with Wendy Teo and Muhammad Aimanuddin from Malaysia, and Uhila Nai from Tonga, brought forth authentic artworks nurtured during their residencies in different nations. 


These artists breathed life into their artistic visions using materials such as barks, clay, and metal. The exhibition truly demonstrates the diversity and dynamism inherent in the Austronesian theme. It signifies an intercontinental, interdisciplinary, and inter-genre artistic endeavor that guarantees an unmatched visual spectacle.

Throughout the exhibition, live performances will take place daily at 10:30 am and 2 pm. Sufin Paylang, the lead vocalist of the renowned band MAFANA, will grace the stage with his celestial vocals and singing prowess. It is believed that Sufin’s singing continues the spiritual legacy of communication with Amis ancestors, offering a heartfelt glimpse into Taitung’s unique island culture.

Do not miss this opportunity to embark on a cultural odyssey at “FIND – Design Fair Asia” 2023, where Taitung’s artistic heritage will unfurl as never before.